Fashion Bed Group Finley Wood Headboard In White

fashion bed group finley wood headboard in white

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fashion bed group finley wood headboard in white - Fashion Bed

Fashion Bed Group Finley Wood Headboard in White Finish

Fashion Bed Group Finley Wood Headboard in White Finish

Complete the look of your cottage-inspired bedroom decor with this affordable Finley Wood Headboard from the Fashion Bed Group. Available in twin or full/queen sizes.The wainscoted detailing and arched crown molding of this charming white headboard is an excellent addition to any country-themed room. Accent this headboard with soothing pastel shades or soft, light, earth tones for a shabby-chic cottage look that's sure to please. Twin or full/queen sizes available (please specify when ordering) Headboard only - Does not include linens and mattress Headboard can be used with a metal frame Headboard features solid pine wood construction Headboard has a country white finish Also available in blue, red or maple finish 10 year manufacturers limited warranty on finished wood components Ready to assemble Specifications: Twin Dimensions: 44.63" H x 40.5" W x 2" D Full/Queen Dimensions: 44.63" H x 62.5" W x 2" D NOTE: Fashion Bed Group recommends using their specialized headboard frame with this product. The headboard is not guaranteed to fit other manufacturers’ frames.

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We built our headboard from scratch this morning! We cut, sanded and treated the wood ourselves. I designed it and drew up the plans. John did all the pre-drilling last night and this morning we screwed it all together and mounted it to the wall!

Back of headboard

Back of headboard

Strips provide anchoring due to the cardboard reinforced nature of the Malm headboard

fashion bed group finley wood headboard in white

fashion bed group finley wood headboard in white

Twin Size Wood Headboard - Finley Cape Cod Design in White Finish

Dimension: 2"W x 40 1/2"D x 44 5/8"H
Color: White
Material: Poplar and MDF
Twin Size Wood Headboard - Finley Cape Cod Design in White Finish
The Finley headboard is a really cute kid's bed designed with a curved top rail that straightens out at the ends to give it a bit of flair.
Constructed of solid hardwood, it is offered in painted white.
The design works for both boys and girls, tweens or even grown-ups.
It's a great value with a lot of style.
Purchase includes headboard only.
Other available finish is in blue, maple and red.
Also available in full/ queen size.
Assembly required.
Item is made in China.

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