Jeffrey Fashion New York - Dubai Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2011.

Jeffrey Fashion New York

jeffrey fashion new york

    new york
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  • Jeffrey is a 1995 American gay romantic comedy directed by Christopher Ashley. It is based on a play by Paul Rudnick, who also wrote the screenplay.

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jeffrey fashion new york - Preppy: Cultivating

Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style

Preppy: Cultivating Ivy Style

The authoritative fashion history of the roots, growth, and offshoots of the quintessentially American preppy style. Preppy offers the first definitive and in-depth volume on preppy fashion, exploring its evolution from its pragmatic origins and presence on elite Eastern campuses in America to its profound influence internationally and metamorphosis on the runway. For the first time, the preppy story is told completely and beautifully with iconic and never-before-published archival and editorial photographs and personal snapshots from the original Ivy elites.
Exploring all facets of men’s and women’s preppy fashion, this vibrant volume is replete with photographs and vintage ads illustrating the iconic elements of prep: from Oxford shirts, khakis, and Shetland sweaters to Peter Pan collars, madras pants, and Lilly Pulitzer tropical blooms. Authors Jeffrey Banks and Doria de La Chapelle also examine the fashion designers who played a major role in shaping the preppy look, from retail pioneers J.Press and Brooks Brothers to Ralph Lauren, who single-handedly marketed not just a look but a lifestyle. Also featured: a band of young twenty-first century Ivy stylists and fashion labels worldwide, who have infused preppy with high-octane design on and off the runway. Preppy is a stunning tribute to an American phenomenon.

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Kelli at Jeffrey Fashion Cares

Kelli at Jeffrey Fashion Cares

Kelli attends the 8th annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares on the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier on March 28, 2011 in New York City

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard

Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard perform at The Musician, Leicester, 24th August 2009.

jeffrey fashion new york

jeffrey fashion new york


From the witty, whimsical mind of acclaimed writer Paul Rudnick (In & Out, Addams Family Values) and celebrated stage director Christopher Ashley comes a hilarious, star-studded, boy-meets-boy romantic comedy! Steven Weber, Patrick Stewart, Michael T. Weiss, Bryan Batt, OscarA(r) nominee* Sigourney Weaver, Golden GlobeA(r) nominee** Nathan Lane and OscarA(r) winner*** Olympia Dukakis star in this "warm and humorous exploration of all-too-human relationships" (Boxoffice) in the age of AIDS. Disenchanted with the not-so-romantic side of safesex, sweet, single and obsessive Jeffrey (Weber) vows to become completely celibate! No sooner has he sworn off sex than he meets hunky, sensitive Steve (Weiss). But just as passion starts to ignite,Steve reveals some earth-shattering information, leaving Jeffrey to choose between losing the man of his dreamsor taking a risk on what just might be true love!

Surprisingly lighthearted and witty, Paul Rudnick's Jeffrey (based on his off-Broadway play) was one of the first films to tackle the AIDS crisis without patting itself on the back or offering everything up in a sobering movie-of-the-week scenario. The titular Jeffrey (Steven Weber) is a happy-go-lucky gay man who suddenly comes face to face with the fact that AIDS has turned sex into something "radioactive." Paranoid in the extreme, he vows to become celibate--at just about the same time that hunky Steve (The Pretender's Michael T. Weiss) saunters into his life, eyes twinkling and hormones raging. The only problem is that Steve, for all his muscles and charm, is HIV-positive, thus setting Jeffrey's deepest fears into motion. When it was written in 1995, Jeffrey struck a nerve in mining the fear that a number of gay men felt during the height of the AIDS crisis. Even just a few years later, though, Jeffrey's paranoia (what, he's never heard of condoms?) seems dated, and his behavior more self-damaging than self-aware--basically, he needs a slap upside the head as opposed to therapy. Still, Rudnick (who went on to pen the more mainstream In and Out) is never one to pass up a witty one-liner or an opportunity to poke fun at anyone, and Jeffrey now stands as a hilarious, sometimes poignant portrait of gay single life and the perils of dating in a paranoid time. Weber's Jeffrey is simultaneously open to the possibilities of life and fearful to embrace them, and Weiss is, well... gorgeous and funny and sexy beyond belief. Still, it's Patrick Stewart, as Jeffrey's interior decorator best friend, who effortlessly steals the film with his cutting wit; in his mouth, Rudnick's lines are priceless gems. With a host of amazing cameos, including Sigourney Weaver as a conceited New Age maven, Kathy Najimy as her sad-sack follower, Christine Baranski as a high-society hostess for a roundup-themed charity dinner, and a top-form Nathan Lane as a gay priest who seems to have discovered the meaning of life--literally. --Mark Englehart

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